Ghostbuster Mystery Boxes (12 Total!)

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Who's Ready for Ghostbusters Frozen Empire?!?!
In celebration of the new movie, here is our exclusive mystery boxes!
There are a total of 12 boxes. Each box contains 1 of the following:
  1. Mint in Box Proton Pack
  2. Mint in Box Ghost Trap
  3. CAS Graded Slimed Heroes Peter Venkman
  4. CAS Graded Quasimodo Monster
  5. CAS Graded Frankenstein Monster
  6. CAS Graded Zombie Monster
  7. Super Fright Feature Peter Venkman
  8. Mini Shooter
  9. Dracula Monster
  10. Stay Puft Radio Action Figure
  11. Case Fresh Ecto-3 Vehicle
  12. Case Fresh Ecto-3 Vehicle

All items are vintage! Just choose a box number and see what ya get!!! Good Luck and Happy Bustin!!!